This Wordsworthian

Hermina Pearce. Fledging academic writing on William Wordworth's later poetry. Reflections on my research journey, Wordsworth, other research interests, and my series on cute study. Not to mention, a few rambles on other thingsthat are important to this attempt at being a well-rounded human.

Notes on Passionate Minds: Women Rewriting the World by Claudia Roth Pierpont

Claudia Roth Pierpont, Passionate Minds: Women Rewriting the World. Vintage Books, New York, 2000. About Pierpont: staff writer at The New Yorker, written some other books as well; her biography of Philip Roth and his work praised for its balance... Continue Reading →

Upcoming posts

Just to let any readers out there know that this blog is still sputtering along, here's a list of things that I hope to be posting about soon: continuing my cute study series some reflections on my thesis thoughts about... Continue Reading →

Cute study: costs

As much as I love to add some cute factor to all of my work materials, there are some problems with cute study as a way of life. It can cost a lot of money. It can cost a lot... Continue Reading →

I have high hopes for this week

I've been working on getting back on track, so I created a schedule for myself that's adaptable enough to fit other things that come up. So, this pdf shows the schedule setup I've created to help me with organising my... Continue Reading →

Cute study: role models

As I have set myself a mammoth task (finishing a PhD!) I have found I have role models I can look up to and from whom I can draw inspiration, solace, and sometimes a prod. These are both fictional: Hermione... Continue Reading →

Reflections on my Confirmation of Candidature

Last Thursday I had my confirmation of candidature - a twenty page paper (submitted a fortnight prior) and a forty minute presentation with time for questions after. Phew! Paper The paper was a pain to write, to be honest, though... Continue Reading →

Cute study: early morning working = cute jammies!

Yesterday I met with my supervisor and we agreed on a new date for my confirmation (29th of this month - only 27 days away now!). She's going to set me strict deadlines to get bits of work done. I... Continue Reading →

Attention problems? Moi?

Obviously I'm terrible at updating this blog. Should I try to be more consistent? I'm not sure yet - let's just see how I go! In the meantime, check out my Tumblr here.

Lessons from my first marking stint

I just recovered from my first ever marking experience, which mostly involved five straight days of work because I'm not as good at managing my time (or my brain) as I really need to be. I took a couple of... Continue Reading →

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